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Over time, the pipes in your home can corrode and leak, causing major plumbing issues. Repiping is the process of replacing old, damaged pipes with new ones to restore water flow and pressure.

As Houston's premier home services company, Turbo Home Services offers professional repiping to Houston-area homeowners. Our licensed plumbers have the skills to handle repiping projects of any size.

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Don't put up with the headaches of leaky, corroded pipes. With repiping from Turbo Home Services, we'll restore your plumbing system to optimal performance. Contact us today to learn more and schedule pipe replacement!

Repiping for Turbo Home Services

Completely replacing all the water supply pipes in your home is known as whole house repiping. This extensive project is necessary when all the pipes are failing. Our plumbers will reroute and replace old galvanized, polybutylene, and cast iron pipes with new copper or PEX piping. Whole house repiping improves water flow, eliminates leaks, and prevents future burst pipes.

If only certain sections of your plumbing system need repairs, partial repiping is a cost-effective solution. Our technicians will identify the problematic pipe sections and just replace those parts. Common candidates for partial repiping include the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and exterior hose bibs. Partial repiping is less disruptive and takes less time than a full replacement.

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is the top choice for repiping pipes today. PEX is flexible, durable, and resistant to temperature changes and chemicals. Our plumbers use PEX for a long-lasting piping system. We handle PEX repiping projects of all sizes and repurpose existing pipes when possible to reduce costs.

Pipe bursting is an efficient trenchless method for replacing pipes. Our technicians use a machine to burst the old pipe apart from the inside while simultaneously pulling new pipe behind it. This limits digging and destruction to walls/floors. Pipe bursting allows our plumbers to repipe quickly with minimal disruption to your home.

Several factors affect repiping costs, including the piping type, house size, and access to pipes. We provide free estimates for repiping so you know the exact costs upfront. Turbo Home Services offers transparent, competitive pricing and works to keep your repiping costs reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need repiping?

The main reasons homeowners need repiping include corroded galvanized or cast iron pipes, leaky polybutylene pipes, loss of water pressure, discolored water, and frequent clogs/bursts. Repiping replaces damaged pipes to resolve these issues.


Our plumbers perform a thorough inspection to determine if repiping is right for you. We check pipe materials, leaks, water pressure/flow, pipe condition, and signs of corrosion. If your home is over 25 years old, repiping may be needed.

What are the signs I need repiping?

Indications your home needs repiping:


– Visible corrosion on pipes

– Frequent clogs or bursts 

– Leaks causing water damage

– Drop in water pressure 

– Discolored/smelly water

– Excessive noise when water is run

– Higher than normal utility bills


Our technicians will diagnose the root cause if you notice any of these issues. Repiping often solves them.

How long does repiping take?

The time required depends on factors like house size, piping layout, and chosen repiping method. Partial repiping of a few problematic areas can take 1-2 days. Whole house repiping averages 3-5 days but can take 1-2 weeks for larger homes.


We have multiple crews available and work efficiently to complete repiping projects as fast as possible. Disruption to your home is minimized.

How can I reduce costs for repiping?

To reduce repiping costs, consider:


– Partial vs whole house repiping if only some pipes are problematic

– Fewer pipe material upgrades 

– Using pipe bursting instead of replacing accessible pipes

– Limiting drywall/flooring demolition when possible

– Repurposing existing pipes in good condition 


Our plumbers price repiping competitively and offer tips to keep your costs down without cutting corners. Get a free quote.

Is it worth repiping my home?

Repiping is a valuable investment if your pipes are failing. Paying to replace a few problematic pipes now prevents much larger emergency plumbing repairs down the road. New pipes will last decades with proper maintenance.


Repiping also improves your home’s value. It eliminates leaks, restores water pressure, and gives home buyers peace of mind. The costs are usually recouped when selling your home.


Our experts help you decide if repiping is the right solution for your home’s plumbing issues. Contact Turbo Home Services today to learn more!

Why Choose Turbo Home Services for Repiping in Houston, TX

With over 25 years of service, Turbo Home Services is Houston's top-rated home services company. Here are five key reasons to choose us for your repiping needs:

- Licensed, Experienced Plumbers: Our repiping plumbers are highly trained and have years of experience with all repiping methods. You can trust us to do the job right.

- Upfront Pricing: We provide free, detailed estimates so you know the full cost before work begins. No surprises or hidden fees.

- Fast Service: We can dispatch experienced plumbers quickly for emergency repiping needs.

- Warranty on Work: We stand behind our workmanship and offer warranties on new pipes installed by our technicians.

- Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. We won't stop until you are 100% happy with your repiped plumbing.

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Rated 4.9 Based on 1,293 Reviews
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