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Water Heater Repair & Installation Houston

Water Heaters

Installing a water heater is a risky job hence it is necessary to get the work done from a licensed plumber. Water heaters in Houston are required to be installed by professional licensed plumbers having a permit as per Texas law. This is because any wrong step taken in installing a water heater can be hazardous for the life and house. And in case the owner installs a water heater, it is mandatory a professional plumber inspects and confirms the water heater installation. The water heaters come in

  • Different sizes such as tank water heaters and tankless water heaters
  • Different types such as electric water heater, gas water heater, heat pump water  heater, and for
  • Different purposes such as residential and commercial use.

Purpose of installing a water heater

A water heater is installed to get hot or warm water for various household purposes such as cleaning, bathing, brushing, cooking, and washing. Whether a house or office owes a traditional tank or tankless water heater, a professional is needed to install the water heater properly to avoid any mishaps.

Companies or brands  that supply quality water heaters

Many top branded stores such as Home depot water heaters, Menard water heater, Lowes water heater provides a guide for installation. While purchasing a water heater it is necessary to check the energy efficiency of the equipment to be installed.

The overall costing of installing a water heater

The cost varies depending on the type and brand of the water heater. The cost of water heaters Lowes, or water heaters at home depot comes around $1000-$6000, however, when a water heater is for sale, one might even get it at a much lesser amount. The installation of the water heater determines water heater cost as well.

The water heater installation must be done when the life of the water heater expires. The manufacturing date of the equipment is mentioned on the water heater. A variety of water heaters are offered by the top brands for both home and commercial use. The water heaters bought from branded companies are trustworthy and reliable. Ask which is the best water heater near me in Texas to the search engine and the result is Turbo home services. At Turbo home services, our executive helps the customers in selecting and installing the best water heater in Houston.

The difference between the tank and tankless water heater

  • Tank water heaters are very famous as they require very little maintenance and are cheaper than tankless water heaters. The energy it requires is more as the hot water cools down when unused.
  • A tankless water heater comes with a tank and requires maintenance. It doesn’t come with the tank and there is a coil that heats the water when energy is supplied to it. The heavy energy bill is saved.

Water heaters are of various types such as gas water heater, electric water heater, hybrid water heater. The maintenance of the water heater is of utmost importance to increase its efficiency and lifespan.

  1. Electric water heater maintenance is done by the licensed plumbers of Turbo home services by checking the electrical elements of the electric water heater i.e. switch thermostats, coils and etc. The dust particles or sediments that settle at the bottom of the tank near the heating element must be cleaned; else the water won’t heat up properly. The plumbers must check the rusting or leakage problem if any.
  2. Gas water heater: – Gas water heater must be replaced after using it for at least more than 5 years. The gas water heater works on the concept of convection where the heat rises to the top when the tan is heated from the bottom. A continuous supply of cold water is made into the tank where the cold water gets heated at the bottom with a burner. The heated water then rises to the top of the tank which is supplied by t hot water pipe to the areas where it is necessary or required. The burner of the gas is controlled by the regulator that is set beside the tank. The temperature of the water is measured with a thermostat to stop the burner. The maintenance of the gas water heater is important as due to daily use the metals are strained  and resulting in working failure of the instrument.

Gas water heaters are chosen over other water heaters due to many reasons like:-

  • They are much cheaper than other electric water heater
  • Energy efficient and cost effective
  • The size is desirable for small family.
  • The fuel is readily available.

The companies that sell the most reliable and trustworthy equipment’s to the customers are given below:-

Water heaters at home depot: – The water heaters at home depot come with a warranty and the one having the longest warranty is beneficial for a purchaser. A commercial water heater lasts for around 20 years but a residential water heater lasts for 10-15 years. The home depot water heaters have reasonable water heaters and at times they are for sale on the site.

Lowes Water heater: Various water heaters of different sizes and technologies are available at Lowe’s water heater online site. They deal with water heater parts and accessories as well that are useful in the installation process or when there is a problem in the water heater. There are also offers at Lowe and one can even earn bulk savings on the water heater.

Menards water heater

Menards also provides a variety of water heaters with a warranty and of different types. Cheap gas water heaters are also available at Menard that helps in saving a few dollars.

Well varieties of water heaters are available at market today with number of choices. Each water heater comes with advantages and disadvantages. The needs determine the size of the water heater and accordingly Turbo Home services assists the customers in getting one installed. A one-time investment in equipment’s is highly recommended as a wrong choice once made will cost hugely and for a longer time.

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