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Water heater Maintenance

A water heater usually comes with a warranty and a guarantee of a specific period. However, still, it is recommended to increase its useful life with years, with proper care and maintenance. Water heater maintenance of any size and any type need timely care. If you consult an expert, a professional water heater Maintenance Company will provide a water heater maintenance checklist for tankless as well as tank water heater as to what should be done and about water heater maintenance how often it must be done. Turbo home services in Houston Texas are the best ones, to begin with summoning at the times of water heater failure. If you ask a query “the best water heater maintenance near me” to Google in Texas in emergency times, the best result to consult will be Turbo Home services. If a water heater was not maintained properly, insurance companies directly reject the claims for damage caused by it. If you are saving pennies in avoiding water heater maintenance, you will surely land up with huge losses in future. So many questions arise when thinking of water heater maintenance such as Water heater maintenance cost, water heater maintenance how often it needs to be done and many more.      

For most of the emergency issues, it is advisable to call a technician or professional plumber for all the water heater maintenance problems. The common issues when we require a professional plumber for water heater maintenance are:-

  • • When there is a whistling noise is coming from the heater:- When there is the constant noise of water dropping, clicking or popping, it’s a sign of water heater problem.  The cause of the noise is due to water heater getting overheated.
  • • Water is not heating up or Water is taking a long time to heat up: – The water in a water heater gets heated up from the bottom. The sediments make it difficult for the heat to transfer to the water thus lowering the energy efficiency.
  • • There is leakage from water heater: – Water heater maintenance is needed when there is a leakage in the water heater. The signs of leakage are when the surrounding is damp or there is a stale smell around.
  • • The water pressure is low; – This is the most tedious thing to face and requires immediate water heater maintenance. One needs to check everything right from installation, any clog in the pipe or any faulty pipe.

When the supply of water in the house is “hard water”, extra care needs to be taken. The reason is, a mass is formed due to the mineral particles present in the hard water, gets collected at the bottom of the water tank. This particles collected creates a blockage in the outlet obstructing the water to drain away easily. The most important aspect of water heater maintenance is draining the water heater. Also when the sediments get collected around the heating element, it affects the water heating temperature and its performance as well. The water takes maximum time to heat up increasing the energy bill sharply. The water heater cost depends on the problem that it is facing.  Higher the severeness of the issue, the higher is the water maintenance cost.

Water heater maintenance “how often “

how often Water heater maintenance is required is the doubt that most of the people are worried about. Various factors need to be considered to conduct water heater maintenance. The average life of a water heater is around 7 to 15 years. The installation of the water heater must be done properly. The model of the water heater, its placement in the house and the way if it is handled decide its lifespan. Well, water heater maintenance flush should be done once in a year or after every 6 months. It is mandatory to keep up the water heater running efficiently and effectively. As discussed above mineral particles or sediments gets gathered or buildup in the tank. This chokes up the drainage and creates problems such as low water pressure or rusty water coming out. Make sure the water heater is turned off before flushing the water heater and connect a garden hose with one end to the drainage and other in the nearby drain or any other place meant for that.

It is necessary to avoid corrosion and to maintain the water heater from exploding. The temperature and pressure relief valve helps in lowering the temperature and releasing heat pressure. The water is discharged by lifting the valve tab. However, due to the gathering of sediments, the relief valve is affected leading to water heater damage. Though there are many DIYS available online, it is better to consult a professional to handle water heater related issued as the water is heating up at higher temperature which might cause burns and any other mishaps.

Tankless water heater maintenance checklist must be followed to keep the water running in the house. This water heater is highly in demand because of its less space requirement, its compactness and no continuous water supply in the house.  Tankless water heater maintenance must be done to keep it highly efficient. The tankless water heater maintenance checklist must consider below-given points:-

  • • While having tankless water heater maintenance done, the safety controls and wire connections must be checked.
  • • The heating elements must be free from sediments or mineral particles or say scale buildup. This is the main reason that affects the efficiency of the water heater that requires water heater maintenance and incurs heavy cost. The heating elements are strained up due to the buildup and also the water does not heat up quickly. The water quality decides the scale buildup.
  • • The manufacture of the water heater always provides a set of instructions for maintenance. It’s advisable to read it carefully. The manual has all the mechanisms mentioned in it.

The best water heater maintenance services help in overcoming the high cost of purchasing and installing a new one.  Professional at Turbo home services not only solves client’s problems but if the issue can be resolved by the owner, they suggest helpful tips too. If you have any questions or require immediate assistance feel free to give us a call or schedule a service. Turbo Home Services is a Water heater maintenance company which offers free consultation on water heater cost & complete repair services.

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