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Tankless Water heater

Today’s highly demanded water heaters are none other than tankless water heater for their energy efficiency. Unlike storage tanks, the tankless water heaters provide hot water as and when it is required. This helps in saving lot of money.

As the names suggest provides hot water directly and continuously. This means when the faucet is turned on, it heats the water. There is no storage tank in tankless water heaters and they can be easily mounted on the wall consuming less space. The working mechanism is such that when water is supplied into the tank it gets heated up due to the heating elements such as a gas burner or electricity. The heating elements are placed close to the hot water outlet.

 In a minute 2-5 gallons of hot water is provided with the help of a tankless water heater. Again it depends on whether a water heater runs on gas or electricity, as gas water heaters flow rate is less than the electric tankless water heater. Hence some of the professional plumbing company suggests installing more than one tankless water heater so that water is supplied equally and simultaneously at both the ends, for example, a shower and a dishwasher. The highest demand for hot water is faced at bathrooms, dishwasher, hot tubs and cloth washers.  People who need more hot water to carry out their household activities must install a tankless water heater for continuous hot water supply. 

The tankless water heater costs much more than the tank water heaters or traditional ones for their highest energy efficiency. Also, the life expectancy of the tankless water heaters is 20 years which is more than the other storage tanks.

What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

  • • The installation cost of the water heaters especially the gas water heaters is quite high at the initial stage.
  • • The large the units, the more are the hot water supply to each of the outlets at the home. The flow rate of showers is comparatively higher than the other appliances such as the sinks. If there is more than one shower, it becomes necessary to install a larger unit to facilitate continuous and proper water pressure at both the showers simultaneously. This involves a higher cost as smaller units would not be useful here.
  •  • A mandatory professional installation is recommended in tankless water heaters as there is complexity and technicality involved as the parts of the water heaters needs to be installed properly.

What size tankless water heater should be chosen for a home or office?

 The flow rate and the temperature rise determine tankless water heaters reviews and ratings. Also the same remains the foundation for choosing the one for home. The size of the house and the number of people residing in a house also determines the size of the tankless water heater requirement. It is advisable to read the tankless water heaters reviews beforehand, to know the technicalities and suitability of the heater. Unnecessarily going for a product which is not meant for the user is a total waste of money.

Now, what is the flow rate? Suppose there are four appliances at your home that runs hot water, the water coming out of it in one minute must be added up to know the total flow rate of a tankless water heater. If you want to lower the flow rate, try fixing taps or faucets having a low flow rate. The temperature rise is calculated by taking differences between the temperature of the incoming water and the temperature required at the outlets of the house such as showers, sinks etc. Normally in warmer areas, the water temperature is already a bit warm hence the efforts taken by the tankless water heater is less to heat the water.

It comes in different types such as electric water heater and gas water heater. It uses heating elements to warm the water. The electrical components to which the water heater is connected needs to be to run the tankless water heater efficiently without any problem.

Tankless water heater installation – a guide to fix the water heater

Energy efficiency can be optimized by proper installation at the initial stage. A higher level of water heater maintenance is needed to keep it going. The fuel type, local building codes, safety and security measures and climate are the factors that need to be considered. The installation process is cumbersome as it includes electrical circuits, propane units and gas supply connections.

  • • A higher voltage power supply, gas supply line with a larger diameter and a stainless steel duct are required for a tankless water heater installation.
  • • The inlet of water supply must be stopped. Also, disconnect the old water heater supply line. Install the water heater where the old one was placed as gas and water pipes are already installed. The location should comply with the building codes.
  • • For gas water heater proper ventilation must be installed. For an electric water heater, a higher power voltage supply is needed.
  • • The manufacturers provide manual for installation of the equipment, keep it handy and follow the instructions. It is highly advisable to consult a professional plumber or technician of a reputed professional company for tankless water heater installation.              

Home depots and Lowe’s water heaters have the best tankless water heaters. The best can be selected by referring to the tankless water heater reviews put up on different customer review sites. The Lowe’s tankless water heaters are plenty in different sizes and types designed for different usages. If you are looking for cheap gas water heater at affordable price we can help you. Its is considered to be more efficient than the gas water heater. But if the cost is considered electric ones’ are quite expensive. The demand, type, life expectancy, area or location and installation process are things that must be considered before opting for the tankless water heater. An A choice between tankless water heater electric and gas must be made keeping in mind – proper voltage circuit breaker and vents respectively. Turbo Home Services Offer tankless water heater installation in Houston. You can check out our tankless water heater reviews. Turbo Home Services is a professional water heater installation company in Houston.

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