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Repiping is replacing the older pipes with the newer ones. In plumbing, repiping is the very foundation of the whole house water framework. It helps in maintaining the life of the house for a long period. The homeowners need to understand everything about repiping. When a simple plumbing repair is not enough to solve a plumbing-related issue, a whole-house repiping is required.  In this guide, we will learn:

  • Why re-piping, is needed?
  • How do know whether it’s time for repiping?
  • Which piping materials are used, for repiping a house?
  • How much time is taken, to repipe a house and the cost involved in doing so?


Just like, the need for renovation, remodeling, or reconstruction of a house is required for longer maintenance of the house, repiping is necessary for pipes.  Earlier homes use to build houses using galvanized pipes. These pipes tend to rust and corrode over a while.  The pipes may look alright from the outside as water doesn’t touch the outer part. But internal areas constantly, come into contact with water, which makes the pipes corrode. When the pipes corrode, various problems start arising, like water clogging, breakage, and subsequent leakage from and around the knobs or slabs. Such leakage not only rots the pipes but also gives rise to mold and pests inside the houses.


Below are some signs that may require a whole-house repiping.

  • Water discoloration: When the water coming from the faucets or taps are red, rusty, or discolored, it’s the sign it needs some inspection done by a professional. It happens due to the corrosion inside the pipes, which gives out a weird taste and strong odor.  Such rusty water gradually creates problems for all the plumbing appliances.
  • Frequent repairs: At Turbo home Services, they suggest a single pipe repair if the plumbing system is new or, the condition of the pipe, after an inspection, is not so worst.  But after the single repair, frequent visits are required to check the plumbing leakages, a whole-house repiping is suggested.
  • Low water pressure: When the water pressure is too low in the entire house, the reason might be the leakage in the pipes connecting the municipal supply and the house.  The other reason for low water pressure is sediment building up, due to the corrosion and rust in the pipes.  It blocks the water from going through the pipes. Thus, creating pressure on certain, significant areas of the pipes.
  • Leakage from slabs: Repiping is advisable when the slabs are leaking, and a serious issue is, indicated.
  • Temperature change: When the hot water from the heater is not functioning properly, and the temperature of the water changes instantly, it is required to call Turbo home Services to get a check done. Also take care, When the cold water turns hot without even touching the valve.  Such a situation needs immediate action.

Though many of the problems are, seen, in your house, it is, recommended to get an inspection done by a trusted company like Turbo home Services, before taking the final decision regarding repiping. The team of professional and experienced plumbers, Texas offers a free estimation of the whole house repipe. Also, they suggest a minute repair on a particular area, if they find the whole-repipe is not required, at the moment.


  • Lead pipes:
  • Lead pipes are apparently, considered to hurt health. They can be harmful as the water flowing through them might allow the lead to seep into them.
  • It is, also believed that no water filter can remove the lead content from the drinking water.
  • PVC pipes:
  • PVC pipes are plastic and vinyl that don’t corrode, rust, rot or wear. 
  • They are highly used, in most plumbing systems. The material is durable and can stand any bendings or movements. 
  • The pipes come in varying sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. According to their features, the pipes are used for indoors, outdoors, and underground water systems.
  • Copper pipes:
  • Copper pipes are durable and have a long lifespan of 50 years.
  • It has favorable health benefits.
  • More than 80% of the homeowners in America have opted for copper pipes. The copper files can resist fire and corrosion.
  • They are anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It can kill bacteria and viruses. 
  • It is the best pipes to install, but the budget goes a bit high.
  • Polyethylene plastic pipe:
  • PEX pipes are easy to install in homes.
  • Similar to copper, they are highly resistant to heat and corrosion. They have a lifespan of up to 40 years if maintained properly and taken care of by Houston professional plumbing companies like Turbo home Services.
  • They tend to lose less heat compared to metal pipes.
  • PEX is used in residential, commercial, floors, sprinkler systems, etc. 
  • They are budget-friendly as compared to copper, galvanized, and PVC pipes.  They can also resist cold weather as they are made from good quality materials.  Due to the lesser heat transfer, hot water is quickly available.
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride:
  • CPVC pipes are of great help in remodeling and repiping work. The pipes are flexible-cum- strong.
  • They perform better in hot water lines due to their heat resistance properties. Such pipes do not corrode and are thinner than PVC pipes.
  • They are used in indoor or underground piping work only.


Repiping is a considerably huge task than just repairing a small section of the water system. It involves considerable time and money. The house size, the materials used, the floors or stories in the house, decides the “cost of the repiping project” and the time taken to complete it.


Repiping not only enhances the look of the house but also adds value to the house. A buyer will not opt for a new home that needs repiping or, he or she might negotiate for less. So, if you are thinking of saving those few bucks and avoiding a whole repiping done, you are inviting considerable trouble in the future.  A reliable company like Turbo home Services are premier repipe specialists. They understand client’s problems and bring out service-able solutions to them. Check out the reviews of Turbo Home Services at by visiting here.

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