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Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters come in both tanks as well as tankless type. The tank gas water heaters are less costly than the tankless gas water heaters. The gas models work on the principle of convection where the heat rises up. The cold water in the gas tank water heater is heated by various technical appliances. The cold water is supplied through a pipe in the tank which goes to the bottom of the tank. The gas burner heats the bottom water, as the water gets warmers it rises up which is removed or used by the hot water outlet for various purposes.

Components of gas water heaters and how it works?

The main components of a gas water heaters are gas shut off valve, cold water shut off valve, gas supply line, main water line, temperature or pressure relief valve, gas burner drain valve, water line, dip tube,  etc. The initial installation, purchase price and operating cost of a gas water heater is lower than the electric gas water heaters. Tankless gas water heaters have no storage tank but apply the same connection principle. There is no standby operation hence it is energy efficient saving lots of energy in heating water. The gas burner starts working when the flow sensor is activated. The heat exchanger inside the tank heats the cold water that surrounds it. There is a venting system that lets all the gases to move out. The dip tube is longer than the hot water pipe. The reason is the warm water rises and the cold layer is on the top hence to remove the hottest water hot water outlet pipe is shorter than dip tube. The gas temperature regulator is fitted on the side of the water heater. It has a thermostat to check and test the temperature of the water heater. This regulator is a magical element that turns on and off the gas burner when required as per the set water temperature. There is a vent pipe that removes all the combustion gases through exhaust flue. The exhaust is situated at the centre of the tank through which gases are released and also it helps in exchanging heat to warm the water. The outer body of the gas tank water heater is made up of stainless steel. Insulation between the inner tank and outer body prevents heat loss.

The gas water heaters work on natural gas or liquid propane. The gas is supplied through a pipe which has a gas shutoff valve which must be known to all the users. As it is important to stop the gas supply in emergencies or during maintenance. The gas regulator is the medium through which gas is passed on to the gas burner assembly. The gas assembly has two important elements – Pilot light and gas burner. A thermocouple is included in the pilot light which has a flame sensor which acts as a safety measure. A pilot light is a flame used to ignite the gas burner. When gas water heaters are lit the gas goes to the burner but if there is no pilot flame, it may cause serious explosion and mishap. Hence the thermocouple prevents gas from leaking by shutting the gas valve.

Well coming to the operation part of gas water heaters, they are comparatively easy to install and cheaper than the electric water heater. Gas water heaters come with several benefits or advantages making the living easier and comfortable:-

  • It requires fewer efforts in installing a gas tank water heater.
  • It is best suited for larger families and higher demands as electric water heaters may have difficulty fulfilling the demands of many appliances and higher quantity.
  • The pilot light are more useful than electric ignition during power cut off.
  • They are relatively cheaper than electric water heater (tank and tankless). Propane or natural gas is used in gas water heater where propane is a little expensive but it is cheaper than an electric water heater. Natural gas is the cheapest form of energy to heat the water.

The drawbacks that accompany gas water heater installation are:-

  • It becomes extremely costlier for maintenance and installation of gas water heaters. It is highly advisable to maintain the water heaters to avoid any repairs.
  • The complexity of gas water heaters installation requires a professional technician or a plumber to do the needful.
  • If it is the first time one is installing a gas water heater or if he or she wants to shift to the gas water heater from electric water heater, the costing will go up as it requires installation of pipes, ventilation system and etc. which is a big task. Hence the decision to install a gas water heater must be done wisely taking into consideration all the relevant points.
  • The useful life of a gas tank water heater is shorter than the other heaters.

Gas water heater tanks are available in various types, sizes and in different price ranges. There is a cheap gas water heater available in the market as well. It depends on the quantity of water it heats up in a minute and the requirements of the household size that decides the size of the gas water heaters.  Rheem is considered to be the best supplier and manufacturer of excellent gas water heaters. A 30 gallon gas water heater or cheap 40 gallon gas water heaters are sufficient for a small family of 2 to 4 people. For bigger families, there are 75 and more gallons of Lowe’s water heaters. The features and efficiency of Rheem gas water heaters fit into every family household and helps in achieving the goals. Performance 40 gal. Tall 6-year 36,000 BTU natural gas tank water heaters are the best-reviewed and rated one. Rheem 40 gallon gas water heater provides adequate water for 2-4 people. As per the product overview, it gives about 68-gallon water in the first hour and comes with an installation kit that makes it easy to install. Lowe’s water heater is another manufacturer and supplier of excellent gas water heaters. Call Turbo Home Services for Installation & repair. We provide complete Plumbing repairs with Finanacing Options. Next time if you are searching for plumber near me don’t forget about turbo Home Services. Check out our reviews . We are committed to deliver!

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